By Krystle Boyajian  


Wet Metal Strip, 90, passed in the last week of July surrounded by its beloved campus during bridge renovations.


From its creation in 1928 to its passing in 2018, the metal strip gained a notorious reputation for wiping pedestrians out on rainy days. The strip was particularly slippery during snow storms, when it took pleasure in making students fall to the ground on their morning commute.


Since returning to campus, students have been mourning the previously unannounced loss of the well-known strip. The notoriety of the strip will forever be memorialized in the BU Memes for Normy Teens page, where the realization of its disappearance has been given the traditional meme treatment.


Although the strip is now gone, crossing the BU Bridge will continue to evoke fond memories in students and alumni alike of the first time that they themselves wiped out on the metal strip.


Albeit, the strip’s passing was sudden, students are comforted by the fact that this will undoubtedly make the walk from East to West campus safer. Still, the cemented bridge will not have the same connecting power that the metal strip gave to current BU students and thousands before them.


The wet metal strip is gone, but never forgotten.


RIP to a real one.


Wet Metal Strip

1928 – July 2018


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