By Alex del Tufo


In college, with eight or more classes a year, there’s a lot of turnaround on professors. This can be a good thing with the less than useful ones and sad for those you begin to love. Whatever the case, there are a few distinct types of professors you’ll happen upon along the way.

     1. The one who just wants you to succeed

Whatever it takes, this professor is going to do whatever they can to give you an A. At BU, these professors are far and few between, but they exist. They’ll curve the curve, drop the lowest grade and offer a million office hours. They’ll explain the subject so painstakingly slow that it’ll drive you insane. And still you may or may not get a C+ in the class, but they did their darned best to make economics manageable.

     2. The one who seems like they really don’t want you to succeed

This one, unfortunately, feels a little more common: “Boston University is the hardest grading college in America.” You’ve heard it, you’ve seen the rankings, it’s true. Professors at BU want you to prove that you can learn the material, and sometimes that seems as if they’re asking you to learn to fly. With an essay, a test and a vocab quiz in a three day span (yes, it’s happened), it’s hard to believe that they expect anything but failure from you. And yet, we scrape together a passing grade because you did decide to attend the hardest grading college, after all.

     3. The one who’s more like a friend

This one is great. You still email them for job recommendations and life advice. They taught their class at one, long table, and it often felt as though they were simply a part of the group. Often a younger professor — but not necessarily — this one can make the material relatable in a way that many can’t. Hold onto this one.

     4. The one who really does mean well

This professor really, truly means well but is really, truly just so boring. They have a monotone voice and are teaching statistics — the odds are really against them at this point. You can see the energy they put into their teaching, you just can’t seem to find the capacity in your brain to attain an interest. Try to drag yourself to the class anyway, it’s really for the best.

     5. The one who makes you change your major (in a good way)

This is the professor who has a way of speaking that pulls you to every 8 a.m. lecture on the other side of campus. Their knowledge has you scribbling down every point they make. It’s a combination of the professor and finding a passion within yourself, but it takes a special kind of professor to have you log on at the end of the semester to fill out a major change form. That one comes once in a college experience.