By Noelle Monge


On the season finale of “Noe’s Choice,” we’ll explore the realm of foodie television, combining the two greatest food shows in the universe into one yummy viewing experience. Netflix’s “Chef’s Table” and “Ugly Delicious” are my favorite from the foodie TV genre, so it is time to decide which of the two is the most appetizing (we love food puns in this house).

“Chef’s Table”:

Noe loves:

Before any of these documentary food shows, I just assumed that each fancy chef was just someone who managed to take a hobby and turn it into an art. While that is true to some extent, “Chef’s Table” has shown me that each person puts their stories and souls into their work. Each episode reveals the carefully selected chef success story, which is not as popularized in pop culture as the rise of a musician or actor. This show (especially the Christina Tosi episode) has altered my perception of chefs completely. Now I see them as super fun heroes who also make others happy with food.

Noe hates:

While the content of the show itself is phenomenal, I sometimes feel that it edges away from its documentary-style, and leans more toward a drama, but never in an interesting way. Too often, there is dramatic music accompanying a simple kitchen scene, and I actively skip past episodes I know will be boring. I am more appreciative of the craft of cooking because of the features, but at the same time, there are very few episodes that have gained my undivided attention.

“Ugly Delicious”:

Noe loves:

When I say that I love this show so much that I binged it in less than two days, I am telling the whole and honest truth. From celebrity appearances like Aziz Ansari to really amazing food trips to Japan and Italy, David Chang, the show’s creator, really did the most. He presents food in a beautiful, yet not at all complex way, weaving pop culture references and insightful history together to make a well-rounded, not-just-another-foodie-show series. My favorite part of the series is how unafraid Chang is to delve into different variations of the foods he is documenting. He even goes as far as becoming a pizza delivery boy for a day.

Noe hates:

I do not like that there are no more episodes left for me to watch. That is pretty much it.


Noe’s Choice:

If it wasn’t obvious enough, “Ugly Delicious” wins. The show is a gourmet, five-course meal in a world of shows that are just snacks. If you haven’t indulged in this series, I suggest you order up on Netflix.