by Marco Marabello

Marco, a resident FreeP blogger on exchange from Italy, has spent his semester experiencing life in America. In this series, Marco discusses all his first experiences of different aspects of American life. This is his final blog post from his time at Boston University.

And this is how it ends, just as every good thing eventually comes to an end. My time at the FreeP is finished, and my time in Boston and at Boston University is soon to be finished as well. I want to say goodbye — and thank you — to the people I’ve met at the FreeP. I have had the opportunity to be a part of the wonderful FreeP family. I will miss the time I have spent writing for The Daily Free Now, I will miss the weekly pitch meetings and I will miss BU (especially the dining halls). I will miss Boston — it is really a beautiful city, though I will not miss the weather. I hope that my last time here will be sunny and warm.

Thanks to Caitlin for being the best editor I could have ever hoped for. She edited all my posts, corrected all my errors and never told me that they sucked. If I ever felt at home during my time at the FreeP, it is mostly thanks to her, from the first time she trained me to the last pitch meeting.

Thanks to Sarah and Noelle, my fellow bloggers. I am sad that I will not amuse you anymore every Tuesday evening with my personal stories. I really hope to see you guys and Caitlin in Europe. Thanks also to Michelle who, I am sure, will become the most famous mycologist ever.

Thanks to the FreeP office at 648 Beacon St., as that place really has personality. I enjoyed every minute I have spent there, even if it wasn’t for very long. I am so sad that the FreeP will move from there.

Thanks to Robert F., the author of the first and only comment on one of my posts. Even if the comment was not kind, I took it as sort of a personal success.

Thanks to all the other editors that I have met during pitch meetings, and to the ones I didn’t meet: Kaya and her couch, Andres, Shaun, Breanne, Jenni, Vivian, Nicole and Noor. You, the top two and the rest of the staff do an amazing job running this newspaper.

Thanks FreeP, I can for sure say that a piece of you will live in Europe from now on.