By Krystle Boyajian


Hi, I’m Krystle and I hate spring semester.

I’m sure many would agree that it’s the worst of the two semesters in pretty much every way. It’s a miserable time when no one wants to go to class, let alone get out of bed.


At the beginning of the semester, maybe it started out all right. You got out of bed for most of your 8 a.m.’s. Maybe you thought that last year’s misery was your own fault or just happened by chance, but by now, you know spring semester is simply just the worst.


For starters, it’s too cold. Whoever named it spring semester is a liar. We’re in New England, spring doesn’t exist here. This is winter semester, with five or so nice days thrown in at the end of it. When you get back to school from break, it’s the worst part of the New England winter and BU doesn’t recognize snow days.


Picture it. It’s 10 degrees out, it’s dark, and you’re walking to class in snow boots with slush splashing all over you as you rush down Comm. Ave. When you think of the crisp days of fall semester — when you actually enjoyed strolling down Comm. Ave. — it only gets worse.

Next, winter break doesn’t give you nearly enough time to relax and resent being home to want to get back to BU. You get back home after fall semester finals, then suddenly it’s the holidays, then New Year’s Day and whoosh, you’re back in Boston.


Winter break doesn’t give you the same boredom as you get from summer. Early work shifts all summer make the return to school a lot more enticing. Over winter break, though, there are no obligations. You can sleep in until noon, so returning to the 8 a.m. wake-up call is a challenge.


Being drained from the start, spring semester just becomes a countdown to summer break. You’re tired and bored, so all you want is a break, and spring break barely qualifies as this. Professors like to pretend it’s not even a break. They make sure to give you two essays and a midterm the Monday you get back, so the whole break is just doing work at home.


As you wait patiently for summer to arrive, you realize that relaxation and bliss will be brief during the break with internships and summer jobs. And before that, you realize you don’t even have an internship yet! So on top of waiting for a break, being bored with classes and being cold, you have to apply for jobs.

Overall, a less than great time of the year.