By Nicole Avazian


This past semester, I went through sorority recruitment at BU and joined one of the 11 chapters on campus. After only three months as a member, I have learned so much not just about my specific chapter, but about the people who go to BU and the school itself. So, here is a list of a few things I’ve learned so far in my sorority membership at BU:


  1. BU has so many buildings and rooms I never knew existed.

Being in a sorority usually entails attending countless meetings and events on campus. I thought I knew the BU campus super well after my first semester, but I was wrong. There are so many more floors, rooms and buildings on campus than I ever knew existed. I swear, every week I learn about a new place on campus. For example, I never knew the Photonics Center had more than three floors, or that StuVi 1 had study rooms in the basement. By the end of my four years, I think I will have been to every square inch of campus.

      2. Allston isn’t so bad when you’re with your sisters.

The Allston crawl can get a little old after a while, but Allston is a TIME when you are with your sisters. You don’t really have to worry about finding a group to go out with or which frats to hit up, because it’s all planned out. It makes going to Allston so much less of a hassle, which only increases the fun. Also, your sisters are there to help you out in case anything goes down. Being in a sorority has taught me that Allston crawling is better with your sisters.   

       3. There is so much stuff going on around campus all the time.  

Being in a BU sorority has really opened my eyes to all the opportunities on campus. My phone is constantly blowing up with notifications from our Facebook group, where everyone posts about the events they are involved in. For example, I went to Relay for Life this past weekend because one of my sisters is on the committee. I wasn’t even aware that that was a thing at BU, and the event was a blast. Being in a sorority has exposed me to all the cool stuff constantly happening on campus.

     4. The girls in older grades are so cool and actually not intimidating.

Coming into BU, I didn’t know anyone older than me, and all the friends I made were freshmen like me. I’m so grateful that my sorority has enabled me to meet and connect with so many older girls, because they are honestly such amazing human beings. Now, I have so many friends in all the grades above me, and I have learned so much from them. As a freshman, all the older girls look so intimidating, but they are anything but. I’m so glad that my sorority has put me in touch with so many amazing and inspiring older girls that I get to call my sisters.

     5. BU Greek life isn’t like the movies and stories you hear.

BU Greek life is so low-key and chill compared to how it’s portrayed in the movies or at other huge state schools. There’s no hazing, the girls are super nice and it’s not a crazy competitive and fake environment. Everyone gets along, both within the chapter and between chapters. Joining a BU sorority really showed me what Greek life is truly about: love, friendship and sisterhood.