By Nicole Avazian

     Aries — Questrom

An Aries would make the perfect Questrom student because they are extremely passionate and competitive. Give an Aries an end goal, (like becoming billionaires, or snatching that Goldman Sachs internship) and they will do anything in their power to achieve it. Because they are confident and courageous, Aries make great leaders (and CEOs!)   

   Taurus — CAS  

Tauruses are grounded and well-rounded people. With the Core Curriculum, CAS students take classes across various disciplines, proving that well-roundedness is a fundamental CAS trait. In addition, they are very stable people, which helps when navigating many areas of study.  

   Gemini and Capricorn — Pardee School of Global Studies

Gemini and Capricorn come in as the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies. Geminis are curious and adaptable, which are two important traits to have when dealing with international affairs. Capricorns have high levels of organization and self control, making them great for global leadership positions such as diplomats.   

      Cancer — SHA

Cancers are the caregivers of the signs; they tend to put the needs of others before themselves. This makes them the perfect School of Hospitality students. Taking care of others is an ideal career path for Cancers, because they put all their effort into making sure those around them are happy.

    Leo and Scorpio — COM  

Leos are natural born leaders and are not afraid to speak their mind, so they make great communicators. They also love being the center of attention, so a career in film or TV suits them. Scorpios greatly value truth and justice, making them ideal journalists. Both are extremely good leaders, which is why they represent COM perfectly.

     Virgo — ENG

Virgos come in as the School of Engineering because they are highly meticulous and detail-oriented. When designing or building something, attention to detail is highly important in order to succeed. They have a “methodical approach to life,” which is definitely the approach needed for engineering.  

      Libra — CGS

Libras are known as the most balanced of all the signs, which is why they embody the College of General Studies. CGS gives students time to explore many areas of study before entering a specific college/focus. So, Libras’ balanced perspectives are ideal for CGS students who become masters of all trades before selecting a career path.  

    Sagittarius — SED

Sagittarii are extroverted and curious, making them great teachers. SInce they love learning themselves, they would be great at passing that knowledge along. Their love of learning and high enthusiasm make Sagittarii incredible educators.   

    Aquarius — Sargent

Aquarians love helping other people, which is why they would make great health professionals. Their ideal school is Sargent because they are deep thinkers, which is key when giving diagnoses. Overall, Aquarians are very in touch with their humanity and thoughts, which makes them great doctors.    

      Pisces — CFA

Pisces are known as the most artistic sign, which is why they represent the College of Fine Arts. Everyone in CFA is extremely creative, and their talents span across many disciplines, such as music, art, dance and acting. Anyone who is a Pisces most likely has a knack for the arts.