by Marco Marabello

Marco, a resident FreeP blogger on exchange from Italy, has spent his semester experiencing life in America. In this series, Marco discusses all his first experiences of different aspects of American life.

Following my fresh look at “Sex and the City,” I decided to watch another movie that I have never seen. After deep consideration, I decided upon the classic film “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.” Out of curiosity, I researched it, and discovered that it has a rating of 3.5 out of 10 on IMDb. With a budget of $50 million, the U.S. box office was $39.1 million, so basically a box office flop. Although discouraged by the information I found on the internet, I didn’t back out and watched it for the full hour and 33 minutes.

So here are my thoughts on this astounding movie.

I never remember my dreams and it is so sad sometimes. I enjoyed that the movie was all about dreaming, as Max, the main character, tries to escape from a difficult period in his childhood through his dreams. He is without friends, bullied at school and his parents continuously argue. He tries to mold a better world for himself through dreaming, and writes down every aspect of his vivid dreaming in his dream notebook, which is a smart idea given that we usually only remember our dreams for a short time after waking up.


I cannot say anything about the cinematography of the film, as I don’t know if it was just bad, or if it was bad because it was a mid-2000s film trying to combine computer graphics and real actors. Nevertheless, I found that it anticipates in some manner Disney’s “Inside Out.” The journey of Max, Sharkboy and Lavagirl across Drool, Max’s imaginary planet, through the “train of thoughts” and the “stream of consciousness” resembles in many ways the journey through Riley’s brain in “Inside Out.”

Max’s journey in Drool is also a sort of bildungsroman, as he starts his journey as a shy and bullied child. However, through his adventures with his imaginary friends and heroes, he acquires self-esteem and courage which allow him to cope with the difficulties of everyday life. Though mainstream, it is always good to see happy endings.


”Everything that is or was began with a dream,” says Lavagirl. This is always a good thing to remember, along with the fact that as you may see in the movie, dreams come true in the end if you believe enough in them.