“Mean Girls,” while a hilarious and easy-to-watch cult classic, is also an intelligent critique on prevalent issues in society today. Here are 10 lessons from perhaps the most quotable film ever:


Important Lessons

  1. Be culturally aware

Next time you ask your POC friend where they’re really from, just remember white Americans were once also immigrants.


              2. Practice safe sex.

It’s a fact: Teenagers have sex. Rather than trying to stop the inevitable, “Mean Girls” encouraged the best thing they could do— to be safe.


                3. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Next time you feel a professor is trying to ruin your life, try to remember why you’re ultimately in college. The pressure may be intense, but the hard work will pay off when you’re prepared for success.


              4. Don’t be a bystander.

This may be the most important lesson from this amazing teen movie.


            5. Intelligence is attractive.

If you are smart, that’s a really cool thing you should own. Be proud, not embarrassed, of your accomplishments.


             6. Slut shaming is not OK.

Preach it, Tina Fey! Girls suffer from so much already. It doesn’t help when they are called condescending names by guys or other girls. Females especially have the duty to stick up for and support one another.


           7. Be confident in yourself.

What makes Regina George satisfied with herself even after getting hit by a bus is her ability to own her own body and circumstances to create the best life for herself.


              8. Putting down others will take you nowhere.

And being mean won’t make you any better.


              9. Screw the haters…


            10. …because everyone is special in their own way.