I believe that comedy is the only thing that’s stopping our world from becoming a completely apocalyptic hell hole. It is the saving grace for extremely awkward Tinder dates, the stiff arm to keep acquaintances acquaintances and can make a terrible situation a little more hope-filled. No matter who you are or what you stand for, you have to admit that you love a good laugh.


For as long as I can remember, one question and one question only has haunted me about comedy. It’s a struggle between tradition and modernity, old and trained versus young and spontaneous. Do I betray my childhood memories and references I took years to categorize in my brain, or do I go against my generation and what it has created? What is Noe’s choice: SNL or Vine?


Noe loves:

Saturday Night Live has been running since 1975 and not once has it stopped bringing joy to people’s lives (especially mine). So many amazing comedians got their start on the show, from Eddie Murphy to Will Ferrell. Unlike other variety shows, it has managed to keep its relevance throughout the always-changing history of the United States. I think the best part about the show is definitely the writers. Some of the stuff they write is just so original. Plus, no one takes themselves seriously on the show at all, which is something incredibly enlightening and inspirational for real life.

Noe hates:

I think that some hosts don’t deserve the honor of hosting. When you have people in the spotlight who have not and will never come close to creating great sketches, SNL loses its charm. The whole point of inviting awesome people onto the show is to have mind-blowing material, not for an [insert horrible movie] promo.



Noe loves:

Our generation has created a sub-genre of comedy using an app, and that is really something spectacular. People make Vine references, people speak in Vine, people even have Vine-esque lifestyles. The material is all of things that you weirdly share a spiritual connection with. From a spinning potato to blocking the haters, no matter who you are, you will cackle at the sight of a Vine. I think the fact that people like Liza Koshy have made lifestyles off of short and silly videos is also super commendable.

Noe hates:

Maybe I’m a stickler for the craft of comedy, but I feel like there’s not as much of a thought process behind them. Some people might appreciate it, but knowing how hard it is for comedians to make it in their field lessens the art of Vine for me. And, although there are some great Viners out there, I feel like there is no Vine character that challenges the ones Bill Hader or Fred Armisen have created.


Noe’s Choice:

This time around, I choose SNL. There is something so beautiful about how they have a week to put together an hour-long show that airs live across the nation each week. While Vine has iconic videos, there are memorable characters created by SNL which are nearer and dearer to my heart.

  1. Comedy is very hard to do. VINE showed that and YOU TUBE shows that as well that not just anyone can do it. Getting hit with a board in the face isn’t funny. This is what is hurting our society, the boring or sophomoric humor that is plaguing our nation. Smart Comedy will never be boring, it’s getting people to realize that they can’t do comedy is the hard part.

    • Thank you so much for your super insightful comment! This definitely changes everyone’s view on everything. (This was sarcasm, Robert F. Stop finding pleasure in your unconstructive thoughts in blog comment sections, my bro. No one likes a Debby Downer. Just because some people appreciate Vine humor more than you doesn’t mean they’re less intelligent than you. Also, there are so many other things plaguing our society so get off your high horse and wake up, sir.)

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