This week on “Noe’s Choice,” we dive into the chick-lit cult classic “The Devil Wears Prada” and its film adaptation. Originally a novel written by Lauren Weisberger, this plot has given the world a fictional insight into the wild and unpredictable life of fashion publishing. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to explore Andy’s world.



Noe loved:

The relationships in the novel are very realistic and more relatable, especially to college students and recent graduates. It explores how not all aspects of life are in sync with each other: Your work world could be full of successes while your personal life is in the gutter. In terms of romance, it also shows how unsteady young love can be in a world that never stops turning and introducing newness.


Another great aspect of the book was how the scenes were described. With imaginative writing like this, you would be disappointed if no one thought of a film adaptation. It is a vivid world that Weisberger has truly allowed you to step into.


Noe hated:

The characters themselves never really seemed to come to life for me. Although the plot and scenery were chock full of details, there was something shallow about the people in those positions. Maybe it was to illustrate that anyone could be Andy or Miranda, but it just seemed to lack pathos.


The film:

Noe loved:

The characters and their development throughout the film were so tangible in the adaptation. I feel like Meryl Streep was born for the role of Miranda, and there could have been no one more perfect than Anne Hathaway to play Andy. Watching them perform these parts excited me because it definitely made the world of publishing more vivid. The film was also able to flawlessly bring the images of the book to life. From the New York office to dreamy Parisian moments, everything seemed to come straight from the novel.


Noe hated:

Like most film adaptations, this one had to cut out details in respect of time and regular limitations that the cinematic world has. Although the movie was an overall amazing experience, I feel like there were some plot points that could have remained to heighten the quality of the film.


Noe’s Choice:

Despite minor flaws in the film adaptation, I really loved watching the plot come to life. The story alone was full of intriguing drama that didn’t focus too much on love or career, but was instead a beautiful blend of all things that life can throw at us.