The 21st century has seen its fair share of foreclosures of former big-name stores such as Circuit City and RadioShack. Now, add Toys “R” Us to that list. A store where children (including myself) once begged to go to during the holidays will now become another casualty of the recent online shopping culture.


Sites such as Amazon and eBay offer everything you need and could possibly want online, all from the comfort of your own home. These sites allow you to ship products to your house, so you never have to enter a store. Stores are no longer essential for things you have to “try on first,” as free returns have become the norm. Because of Amazon and eBay, it’s not hard to picture a life without brick and mortar stores 10 years down the road.


In addition to the ease of online shopping, the tech industry has found a way to move games online. Children have access to games and movies on iPads and on the internet. With the new digital form of entertainment, kids suddenly don’t have a need for physical toys. Games such as Fortnite offer kids access to a fun game at no cost. Kids no longer have to physically interact with each other, as they can easily play together through the game in their own rooms.


It’s sad to see Toys “R” Us go. With the foreclosures, toy companies must find a way to market their toys themselves or they’ll find themselves under the same fate. Will Nerf guns and Legos cease to exist? Will kids still play on playgrounds? The current popularity of video games in today’s world should put fear in the eyes of the owners of Hasbro, the company which makes games such as Monopoly and Scrabble. The fear should not be “are robots going to take over the world?” Rather, it should be “are we becoming the robots ourselves?”