I know the Mandela effect is, for the most part, a false phenomenon that really only reflects collective gaps in childhood memory. Nevertheless, it was shocking to find out that “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” did, in fact, take place in Boston.


If you were to rewatch now, there are plentiful allusions to the city we now inhabit. It’s honestly just hilarious that suburban Pennsylvanian 8-year-old me just assumed any big city where kids get to live in a hotel must be in New York.


The blonde twins known for wreaking havoc in Mr. Moseby’s lobby go to a Red Sox game and even work in some vaguely historic minimart. The show is full of glaring signs meant to show the twins adjusting not just to city life, but Bostonian life. Sure, I was perhaps an incredibly oblivious kid, and my Boston-native friends find this to be ridiculous. Regardless, it’s a strange thing to discover that the fancy, assumed-to-be-New-York hotel was really based on the Fairmont Copley Plaza, right next to the Boston Public Library.


It is no conspiracy theory that the show used Boston as its backdrop. Overlooking the actual setting of the show as a child just opens up more possibilities for the sitcom I otherwise would not have considered. Though I’m still not convinced that the School of Hospitality Administration exists, if there is any shining superlative for “Best Alumni” there is no candidate better than Mr. Moseby himself. Mr. Moseby definitely went to SHA. The iconic manager of the Tipton Hotel has the interpersonal skills, hospitality and, well, whatever else a hotel manager needs that I’m about 68 percent sure results from a Boston University School of Hospitality Administration education.


If we follow this thread, there must be more SHA alumni employed at the Tipton. Serge the concierge? He must have learned to coordinate an ambassador’s Boston stay somewhere. Carey, the cabaret singer with a gig that lands her free accommodation? Her talent screams a CFA cultivation.

I’m sure I could construct a further narrative of the “Suite Life” cast as they journey through the ranks of Boston higher education, but admittedly, I felt too old to follow them through to the “On Deck” reboot. Who knows, perhaps in some parallel universe London ended up at BU and Maddie at Harvard.

Next time you stop by Copley Square, be sure to check out the Fairmont Copley Plaza and see for yourself — and ask about the live-in twins and SHA graduate keeping them in line.