The best part about Boston is the food. Whatever cuisine you desire, there are endless options and places to choose from, but the best meal of the day — and the most important — is breakfast. I’m here to be your guide to the best breakfast in Boston. This series is all about everything you could want out of a fun breakfast in our city, whether it’s live music, affordable comfort food, decadent French toast or a unique spot to try.


A neighborhood that BU students are very familiar with is Allston, but the best part of Allston isn’t something every student knows about. Lulu’s Allston is the home of the most spectacular brunch in the city. Anything you could ever want to quench your deepest craving is on this menu.


You walk in and the vibe is super fun, as the owner enjoys walking around, and every single person has a smile on their face. The nitro cold brew is being poured from a tap, the waiters and waitresses are gushing over their recommendations and the smell is overwhelmingly fantastic. Now where do you even start on this menu?


My personal favorite item is the “White Trash Hash.” From the short rib to the to the poached eggs to the best tots you’ve ever enjoyed, each bite has your taste buds begging for more. You should also be sure order a side of donuts, freshly served from Union Square! “The Breakfast Sandwich” is also a phenomenal mix of Texas Toast, eggs, and meat.


If you want an amazing lunch, Lulu’s serves that on the brunch menu too. Each comfort food-inspired item will have you torn between breakfast and lunch, and have you deciding when you’ll next be back.


The nitro cold brew is also from a place called Mad Oak Coffee Roasters, and other than the owner’s record studio, Lulu’s is the only place you can try it. The foam on top is insane, and the flavor is bold. Lulu’s is unique across the board, and a “Breakfast at Ali’s” favorite as rated by everyone I’ve ever made go there.


A quick walk or T-ride away from campus, Lulu’s is everything you could ever want. It’s also open until 2 a.m., so check it out when you feel like you need to eat a really fantastic meal.