Queue up the mixtapes! This week on “Noe’s Choice,” we look at the first two movies of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise. Both volumes present a unique universe with a “The Breakfast Club”-esque group of bandits who struggle with their morality.


Volume one:

Noe loved:

The freshness of the plot compared to previous Marvel movies I’ve seen was too awesome to forget. James Gunn added a lot of things that were unseen in previous superhero movies. One major aspect was the music: The film presented ‘70s classics in a way that made them cool enough to listen to.

Noe also loved:

The story of outcasted bandits coming together for a greater good (despite their disagreements and differences) was the most entertaining part of the film. The characters aren’t role models, but instead relatable people that we want to succeed. Plus, the film is just open-ended enough. There are parts of the overall plot left unanswered that the audience is eager to see play out in the future.


Volume 2:

Noe loved:

There are a lot more twists in the second film than I expected. While watching, you’re never really settled with how a particular scene is panning out until the end… and then comes the classic Marvel post-credits scenes, and every relief felt at the end of the film is thrown out the window. One specific issue focused on in “Vol. 2” is the idea of good and bad: How can someone be sure if they are making the right decision when it’s so easy to fake one or the other?

Noe hated:

The romance element. Believe me, I love a good rom-com, especially when it involves badass superheroes. Despite this, I felt that it wasn’t strong enough for the plot to focus on it. In fact, I felt that it may have been added into scenes as fillers. “Vol. 2” could have either used a lot more of the lovey-dovey stuff, or it could definitely have taken it down a notch so it wouldn’t have been so out of place.


Noe’s choice:

I choose volume 1 because of its creativity and how it elevated my expectations for Marvel films. Whenever I watch another hero’s story, I expect good music, compelling characters and an overall awesome aesthetic.