Warning: Choosing to obstruct the dress code may result in being turned away from a frat, leaving the party without a hookup, etc.



— Leggings or jeans are best for bottoms, something mobile to dance in. Something that flatters your butt is best, because that is where the attention will be. Wearing a crop top or a shirt that ends above the hips is beneficial for multiple reasons. First, it leaves your butt open for viewing.

Second, it exposes your midriff. Midriffs are a must. If you have an exposed midriff, you can wear a top that ends higher on your chest/neck. If you do not have an exposed midriff, you should wear a shirt that has a lower cut to compensate.


— Never wear long sleeves; you will sweat, your arms won’t be as mobile and it covers too much skin. Short sleeves, tank tops, even strapless tops are much more common. A bralette and a light jacket are a popular combination to consider. Never underestimate the power of a bralette, skinny jeans and a nice jacket. Whatever jacket you wear, however, will likely end up around your waist or in a dusty corner of the frat house. Jackets are only to keep you warm on your brief walks through Allston or “around the block” in case you have to wait. But don’t worry, if you pre-game before, you won’t feel as cold. Just wear whatever jacket isn’t too thick to wrap around your waist in case the frat house does not have a trusty corner. Hint: it probably doesn’t.


— Heels can be flattering, but wearing sneakers or boots makes dancing easier. A go-to pair of “frat-shoes,” i.e. shoes you wouldn’t mind absolutely trashing in the dingy basements of fraternities, are very useful to have. A black pair that doesn’t stain easily are also a good way to go.


— In terms of accessories, there are only two main add-ons: chokers and hoop earrings. Pro tip: adding a choker to any outfit makes it look like a party outfit. And remember, the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe; it’s a flattering accessory and a helpful indicator of your sexual activity.


— Now that your outfit is complete, we can discuss hair and makeup. Hair that is out of your face for the convenience of dancing, sweating, and puking is a good goal to have, but you should always leave at least half of it down. High ponies, half buns, or clipped back hair is both easy, comfortable and attractive. Makeup is easy to sweat off, and the lighting in parties is always dark, but in any case, it never hurts to accentuate. Highlighter, mascara, brow gel, eyeliner and lip gloss are a few essentials.



— Sometimes it gets hot, but pumping your fists in the air and nodding to the music doesn’t exactly break a sweat. Still, short sleeves are a good thing to consider. Muscle tees and sport jerseys are popular options for those who want to emphasize the fact that they go to the gym sometimes. Anything you wore to class or lunch that day should be suitable. Shorts, pants, whatever you’ll most likely not sweat in. Remember to wear shoes, and that they might get dirty. If you’re wearing shorts, you can pair your shoes with calf-length socks. If you get easily cold, bring a jacket. But if you live in the frat that’s hosting, it shouldn’t matter. Just remember to put on some deodorant before you leave.