BU’s campus is no stranger to high-end designer brands. It seems that it’s more common to be able to afford Chanel bags and Gucci loafers than it is to be caught dead wearing Target brands or Forever 21. I’m here to help students on a budget find the best knockoff, high-end handbags, shoes and jackets. Because no, not everyone can afford a $995 Canada Goose jacket.


  1. Handbags

Gucci Marmonts are roughly priced between one and three THOUSAND dollars. You definitely don’t have to spend that much money for a classic-style handbag. ASOS does an array of designer knockoffs. However, I think they do it tastefully, without attempting to copy every single detail.  

Here’s a dupe of the Chanel Classic Flap, a price comparison of $3,000 for the designer versus $24 dollars for the ASOS knockoff. And she’s pink.



   2) Shoes

Gucci loafers seem to be the trend of the year so far, but we don’t all have a few hundred bucks laying around to buy them. Topshop usually nails it in the shoe department, and even though you are still paying around $50, you get quality shoes that easily fit in with the trends.

Here’s a dupe for the Chanel Espadrilles, with everything but the double C logo:



3) Jackets

Not a day goes by where I don’t see countless Canada Goose jackets. Now, I’m not saying they’re not cute or anything, but paying almost a grand for a winter coat is not realistic for most humans. We can do better, BU. Burlington Coat Factory is the best place to find affordable yet warm winter coats. This looks almost identical.


I’m also guilty of lusting after designer items. This list includes a Burberry trench coat, an iconic symbol of fashion status as well as a classic look. However, those can run you around $2,000, and I’m just not seeing how any college student loaded with debt could fork that over for a seasonal item. One of the best dupes I’ve found is the ASOS Classic Trench Coat, and it’s under $100!



At the root of it all, fashion is personal. If you want and can afford designer items, all the power to you! But having designer items isn’t the only way to have good style. I would also suggest hitting up your local thrift stores in case any gems are waiting to be discovered! I’ve found that mixing my affordable pieces with my very, very few designer thrift finds, makes for some of the best outfits.