As an international student here at Boston University, the first thing you have to cope with is saving money. Boston is pretty expensive, and even if the euro-dollar exchange rate is favorable for Europeans, the high prices of housing and goods make us frugal. Fortunately, at least for the food, there is a solution: dining halls.


Food at BU is good, and, more importantly, easy to “steal.” Regarding this, are we willing to talk of stealing? You may ask if this is permitted or not; I will say that dining halls do adopt an “all you can eat” policy, but it is not explicitly “all you can eat right here and right now.”


Ethical conundrums aside, here is a guide to minimize your dining swipes:


  1. First of all, always keep a Tupperware in your backpack.

I would also recommend a reusable mug, so you can sip your coffee throughout the afternoon. There are always other solutions, but a reusable container is the best choice for all kinds of meals you want, not to mention a sustainable choice.

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2. Choose a good spot.

Even if I haven’t seen yet seen anyone be reproached for this, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and hide from suspecting dining hall workers.

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3. Choose a transportable meal to steal.

The food choice basically depends on what you like. The only thing I can say is that the easier it is to carry with you, the better it is. So it is probably better to avoid soups and liquid foods if you don’t have a specific container for them.


4. Don’t forget a piece of cake or a cookie for the difficult moments during the afternoon or for a late night snack in the library.

Remember cookies are easy to carry even if you haven’t a container, just wrap them in some napkins.


  1.  Pack your bag with unsuspicious manners.

That is, smile and act as if everything is normal, as indeed it is for most of the students in the dining hall.


  1. Be ashamed of yourselves

This is just because I don’t want to get in trouble with the ever-vigilant BUPD.