This weekend, I attended Last Hope K9’s adoption event at the Aloft Boston Seaport hotel. Essentially, I got to sit in the lobby of a fancy hotel and pet adorable puppies for two hours: basically, it was heaven on earth. Various volunteers walked around the lobby with the dogs, which ranged from tiny chihuahuas to huge pit bulls. A crowd favorite was Crinkles, a small chihuahua-terrier mix that was full of energy, bouncing around from guest to guest and demanding belly rubs. Not only did I get to pet so many good boys, but I talked to some of the volunteers, and learned about all the amazing work Last Hope K9 does. 

Last Hope K9 is a 100 percent volunteer run organization. Everyone who participates does so because they truly want to put their time and energy into rescuing dogs. When I asked Tracy Walts, one of the volunteers working the event, what the best part about the job was, she said it was “getting paid in dog kisses.”

Many of Last Hope K9’s adoptable dogs actually come from a partner organization in Arkansas called Rescue Road. There’s a lot of strays down there, so shelters tend to to get overcrowded. This means that there’s a high kill rate because there’s not enough room to accommodate so many dogs. They get all the necessary vaccines and treatment before heading up to Massachusetts. Then, since Last Hope K9 has no permanent shelter, all the dogs are placed in foster homes until they get adopted.

I was able to talk to Kristen O’Gorman, who has been a foster for the last five months. In that short amount of time, she has already fostered six dogs. Personally, I can’t imagine caring for a dog for over two weeks without wanting to keep it. So, I asked her how it feels when a dog gets adopted and she has to let them go. She replied, “It’s not easy to see them go, but it ends up being easy because I get to see them and their new family so happy to be together.” It’s amazing volunteers like Kristen and Tracy that make Last Hope K9 run so well and be so successful.   

Overall, the adoption event was a great experience, and many of the dogs left with new families. Obviously playing with the pups was awesome, but watching owners connect with the dogs and take them home was definitely the best part. If you want to learn more about Last Hope K9, or find out how to become a volunteer, you can check out their website at