Throughout the years, Boston University has increased infrastructure along the Charles River Campus. In 2017, BU unveiled the Rajen Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Sciences & Engineering. This year, the BUild lab opened on Feb. 1,  and soon, the Joan & Edgar Booth Theatre and College of Fine Arts Production Center will follow. While these new additions to Comm. Ave. are great, here are five suggestions for places BU can add next:


  1. FitRec East

For students living east of Warren, a daily trip to FitRec can be totally unreasonable. Adding a second FitRec by Myles will take away any excuse for not keeping that New Years Resolution.


  1. BU Arcade

What better way for BU students to hang out and unwind than playing arcade games at an arcade? There are very few places on campus where students can play games and interact with each other. Not to mention that it could potentially be another source of income for BU.


  1. BU School of Culinary Arts

While  BU does offer cooking classes at Metropolitan College, and SHA offers several Food Laboratory courses (including an Intro to Fine Wines class), a culinary arts school is not one of the 10 schools on campus. Adding a culinary arts school would open up an additional career path for BU students to take. Who knows, maybe one day students will actually look forward to eating at the dining hall (and no, the annual Lobster Night doesn’t count).


  1. BU Museum

Currently, the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center in Mugar is the only sort-of museum at BU. Given that MIT and Harvard have their own museums, shouldn’t BU have one, too?

  1. Communal garden/greenhouse

Adding a communal garden on campus would be a great way for students to bond while getting their hands dirty. Additionally, the students and dining halls would benefit from having “farm-to-table” vegetables at their disposal.


These are just some suggestions would make Boston University even better. I’m totally fine if I don’t receive any credit for my ideas. Just as long as they don’t build another engineering research building or permanently cement any more cones into the sidewalk.