As a foodie, I spend more than half of my money on food. As an Asian international student, no matter how long I am away from home, I still love everything that is related to Asian culture, and eating Asian cuisine is the easiest way to connect to a small piece of home. Luckily, Boston is a city with a mixed and diverse culture, and has a plethora of Asian restaurants to choose from. Among all these Asian cuisines, however, my favorite is Korean food. Here are my favorite Korean restaurants in Boston:

  1.    Kaju Tofu House

Kaju is a great spot to go in this freezing weather because they serve hot soup in a hot stone! As the name indicates, Tofu soup is what they are famous for. This Korean restaurant makes Tofu soup with various ingredients, my favorite being the seafood and beef soups. The combos, which typically combine a soup and a meat dish, are very reasonably priced, and are more than enough for one person, or for sharing between two. The good thing about Kaju is that they recently opened a location in Kenmore Square, which is great for because of how much closer it is to campus than the previous Allston location.

  1.    Coreanos Allston

Another must-see spot is Coreanos in Allston. Coreanos is a fusion Korean restaurant. New flavors of Kimbap and fried chicken are so addictive that they keep bringing me back again and again. Personally, I like their garlic chicken wings: crispy skin and juicy chicken topped with sweet garlic sauce. You will understand how awesome it is when you try it!

  1.    Buk Kyung

This restaurant serves traditional Korean cuisine. Rather than being a Korean barbecue restaurant, Buk Kyung serves up Korean twists on traditional Chinese dishes. My favorite is Zazang meon, a noodle dish covered with a thick layer of meat sauce, and the Tangsuyuk, a sweet and sour fried pork. Nothing special in terms of decor, but it is worth a try if you are looking for authentic Korean cuisines.

  1.    Koreana

The only one recommendation on this list that is not in Allston, this Korean barbeque staple is located in Cambridge, very close to H Mart. My friends and I often go there after we are done getting our groceries. The reason I like this place so much is because they serve a diverse range of traditional dishes. This is a barbeque place, but unlike Kaju Tofu House, which mainly serves a scant selection of specific dishes, Koreana has a much more varied menu. And what’s even more amazing are their reasonable prices. I once went there to celebrate my roommate’s birthday, and we ordered a Tofu soup, Seafood pancake and two servings of prime beef short ribs, etc., and the four of us spent less than $100 on this fancy dinner.

I hope this list was helpful for all you Korean foodies like me!