Being from New York City, I’ve never had a shortage of things to do or places to go.  There are countless museums, ranging from high-profile ones like the Met or the Museum of Natural History to more obscure, niche sites. One example of the latter is the Museum of Sex.

        Sex is a topic that has long been seen as vulgar and rude. People tend to try to keep discussion to a minimum — a trend that a lot of people today are pushing back against. As feminism and the drive for equality continue moving forward, people are becoming more and more at home with their bodies. Body positivity and openness about sex are huge and important themes in modern culture, and the Museum of Sex is yet another example of these themes entering mainstream culture.

        The museum itself is kooky and fun, and has an age requirement of 18. Despite the restrictions, however, the “Jump for Joy” exhibit hearkens back to visitors’ childhoods. Inside this room is a so-called bouncy castle of breasts. You’re invited to jump around the room, allowing yourself to be free and get into the spirit of the display. On a more — for lack of a better term — scientific note, one exhibit gets down to the nuts and bolts of the birds and the bees. “The Sex Lives of Animals” exhibit literally delves into each aspect of sexual partnership between various animals. Like much of the museum, it is designed to make you think deeper. Not only does it display a variety of sexual activity, revealing non-human sex to be far less feral than I first believed, but each exhibit has distinctly human eyes, intended to draw further parallels between the similarities between humans and animals when it comes to making love.

        Though I won’t describe every exhibit currently on show, I will delve into one more. The museum has countless forms of art, but “Celestial Bodies” differs in that it is a virtual-reality display. It is an active exhibition, in which users are free to move within the 1,000 square-foot space. Described as a “shared infinite pole dance in space” by the museum’s website, the avatars of each of the up to six participants are able to interact. It is a stunningly interesting look into ideas about comfort and space.

        All in all, the MoSex is an unbelievably interesting idea that pioneers the movement to get in touch with our bodies and minds. It pushes back at the cultural inhibition that has long restricted creativity of this kind, and explores the ways in which human sex works and functions.  I would recommend a visit to anyone going to New York City, and hope that any who visit will enjoy.