The 60th annual Grammy Awards were, as usual, a night dedicated to the music industry’s biggest stars. Such a star-studded night, of course, comes with a slew of awkward, funny and moving moments between musicians. Here are eight of Boston University’s schools as the Grammy’s biggest moments:


  1. Lil Uzi Vert and his Pop-Tarts → CGS

We love Lil Uzi Vert just as much as we love the College of General Studies. His airhead moment in which he declared that eating Pop-Tarts is his next career move just reminds us of the crayons, glue, and scissors reputation CGS seems to have as the “easiest” school on campus.  


  1. Bruno Mars moonwalking → ENG

Bruno Mars moonwalking perfectly and giving a flawless performance of “Finesse” alongside Cardi B can only be the College of Engineering. Such an intricately choreographed performance requires hours of work and a perfectionist attitude, both qualities that every engineering student needs.


  1. Blue Ivy quieting her parents → SED

My favorite moment from the show was definitely this one: the quick shot that showed Blue Ivy Carter telling her parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, to silence their clapping. She seemed to be the one in charge, showing them how it’s done and keeping order. Similarly, School of Education students are learning how to take charge in learning environments, lay down the law, and show everyone how it’s done.


  1. Hillary Clinton reading “Fire and Fury” → COM

This hilarious moment reminded me of COM students, who read countless articles and train in reporting the facts. They can spot when they are reading something ridiculous in a second, just as Hillary did in this hilarious awkward moment.


  1. Giuliana Rancic repeatedly declaring that she lives in Chicago → Questrom  

This awkward moment on the red carpet reminded me of the classic Questrom student. Giuliana mentioned she lives in Chicago almost as much as a Questrom student mentions they’re in Questrom (and how much work they have).


  1. Cardi B feeling the butterflies → Sargent

Cardi B had an extremely unique way of expressing how she felt butterflies in distinct parts of her body. Seems she has the same kind of anatomical knowledge the Sargent students obtain and put into practice every day.  


  1. Tony Bennett not moving out of the way for Rihanna → CFA

This particular awkward moment made me think of CFA students who always seem to be stealing the spotlight to showcase their talents. CFA students always need to be the center of attention, just like Tony Bennett did in this moment.