The best part about Boston is the food. There’s endless options and places to choose from in whatever cuisine you desire, but the best meal of the day — and the most important — is breakfast. I’m here to be your guide to getting the best breakfast in Boston. This series is all about everything you could want out of a fun breakfast in our city, from live music, affordable comfort food, decadent French toast or a unique spot to try.


The first place that comes to mind when I want to go to a breakfast place that is not only delicious, but a great place to bring your friends and family to, is The Beehive. Located on Tremont Street in South Boston, the restaurant is only a pleasant walk away during the summer, and a brisk adventure in the winter.


The Beehive is known for its live jazz music that comes with every meal. The Beehive is also a great place for dinner, but the brunch menu is the showstopper. The live music creates a fun atmosphere in the beautifully decorated building. The restaurant is whimsical, full of pleasant people and an enjoyable place to sit down for a while.


I personally love the poutine topped with short rib and a poached egg. Not only is this a spin on multiple classic dishes, but the flavors blend together perfectly making for a great place to show off to your friends. If you want more of a Middle-Eastern flair on your brunch, try eggs Shakshuka, which has poached eggs in a tomato based sauce on a bed of polenta, and you can add sausage for a little extra protein. If this doesn’t sound like something you normally would order, just trust me on this one.


The Beehive has all of your brunch and breakfast needs. Its menu is for everyone — and who doesn’t want to listen to jazz? Next time you’re on the hunt for a place that has a new take on old favorites and an amazing atmosphere, take a walk over to The Beehive.