Unless you’re living under a rock or simply living in denial, you know that the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl. After winning five NFL championship rings in recent history, the Patriots have the chance to get their sixth, and we’re in Boston to celebrate it! What could be better than that?


As a die hard Patriots fan, I have to admit that I’m pretty superstitious about what helps the Pats win, especially after the crazy comeback at last year’s Super Bowl that left the Pats trailing behind at 21-3 at halftime, only to beat the Atlanta Falcons by six points at the end. I was so serious about my superstitions that I watched the AFC Championship sitting next to a wooden chair so I could knock on wood every time someone said that they thought the Pats were going to win. A bit crazy, perhaps, but I was born and raised in New England, so I will not be cursing my team.


Anyways, that brings me to the 2018 NFL Championship, and how it seems that everyone that isn’t in New England hates the Patriots. Obviously, not everyone is excited about this year’s Super Bowl match-up.


And it wouldn’t be Super Bowl season in New England if the rest of the country wasn’t grasping for some kind of high-level conspiracy to try to discredit their win. So here is this year’s “-gate”: apparently some people believe that the referees let the Patriots win the AFC Championship.


To the haters, all I have to say is this: it’s time to just accept that the Patriots won again, that they are the superior team, and that a Pats victory at Super Bowl LII is inevitable.


Goliath beat David. But now, David’s supporters are grasping at straws to get Goliath thrown out. Now refs can’t congratulate the winning team? Does common courtesy no longer exist, or is it only because someone was kind to the Patriots?


But really, do you think Clete Blakeman, the referee from the AFC game, wanted the Patriots to win? Really? Blakeman is from Nebraska.


Solidly in Chiefs territory and solidly in the Midwest. You know, where everyone is supposed to be super nice?


Midwesterner Blakeman was just being a nice guy and the Patriots, as per usual, were superior.


And does anyone really think that Goodell would let anyone that likes the Patriots ref a game for them?

Of course not, kiss the rings you sore losers.