Not sure what to do now that you’re back at Boston University? Need something to distract you from the horrors of waking up early to go to class? Well here are some perfect things to entertain you in the chilly beginning of spring semester:

  1. Read that IT email that you usually just delete!                                                                             BU is giving out free downloads for the Adobe Creative Suite! Improve your Instagram editing skills with some better software to make your mandatory mid-nor’easter “I wish it were summer” picture hit your new personal “like” record.
  1. Speaking of nor’easters, you’ve gotta get ready!                                                                             If you haven’t already, go get yourself some winter boots and a jacket. Don’t wait until mid-nor’easter to make the trek to Target, go now before you need it! And make sure there’s some tractions on those boots, or else you’re going to slip on the infamous wet metal strip on the BU Bridge.
  1. Sign up for a FitPass!                                                                                                                           What better way to keep up with your New Year’s resolution than to take group classes at FitRec? Exercising AND having a group to keep you motivated — what’s better than that? Plus, you can drop in on any class to give some variety to your workout, or just until you find the classes you like! You can try any class for free from Jan. 22 to Jan. 28.
  1. Check out the Winter Weeks of Welcome!                                                                               Haven’t found the right club for you yet? Then check out Splash 2.0 on Saturday! Like dressing up and dancing? Well, the Back Bay Ball is the event for you. You can check out both of these fun events and more on the BU website, and on the Winter Weeks of Welcome Facebook page.
  1. It’s Beanpot season!                                                                                                                           Buy your tickets ASAP to one of the biggest hockey tournaments in Boston! Show your Terrier spirit at the 66th Beanpot, which kicks off on Feb. 5 at 5 p.m. — and at 8 p.m. the Terriers face off against the Harvard Crimson. The tournament concludes on Feb. 12 when we hopefully win the 2018 pot!