“Good Girls Revolt” deserves a second season. PHOTO COURTESY AMAZON PRIME VIDEO

“Good Girls Revolt” is a TV show that first aired through Amazon Video in 2015, based on true stories of pioneering women journalists in the late 1960s. I say “is” instead of “was” because there is still a possibility of bringing the show back for a second season, which it so desperately deserves. Amazon Studios’ then-CEO, Roy Price, who was part of the group of men who decided to cancel the show after the first season, is currently on a leave of absence amid sexual harassment allegations. The show’s stars, Genevieve Angelson, Anna Camp and Erin Darke took to Twitter to discuss Price’s role in terminating the show, and why his leave of absence could help bring it back. Bringing this show back would not only do a world of good for Amazon Video, but would lift the spirits of those women feeling uninspired and hopeless with the current social and political climate.

The show portrays women at work, being the geniuses they are, even when they weren’t treated at all equally to their male coworkers. Even though they were journalists in their own right, they were treated as a male journalist’s assistant, and couldn’t get credit for articles, even when they wrote them in their entirety. Their ideas were stolen, their words plagiarized, all while male writers were praised for their integrity and talent. There’s no question that we still have a problem in our society with the way we view working women, and there still isn’t 100 percent wage equality across the board.


As an aspiring female journalist, it’s important I give credit where it’s due. These women paved the way for the work I can now get credit for. They were hard-working, ambitious and powerful feminists with a passion for unpacking the truth. We need shows like this now more than ever, shows that actually pass the Bechdel Test, and content that will continue to inspire future generations of strong women. Girls are our future everything: our future journalists, lawyers, doctors. Each female character in the show represents a different struggle or barrier put up against women in the 1960s, and unfortunately we are still trying to jump over these hurdles.


Today, we are constantly bombarded with accusations of “fake news,” and the publications under Donald Trump’s fire are considered to be the gold standard of journalism. Something doesn’t seem quite right about that. On top of that, every day more accusations of sexual misconduct come out, most of them against men in high positions of power. “Good Girls Revolt” helped to expose the dirty underbelly of male corporate oppression, and continues to be extremely relatable. I think this show threatened Price’s masculinity, and he would have rather shut it down than listen to the show’s dedicated fan base of feminists. These characters, the actresses who played them, and the women who enjoyed them will not be silenced. Ending a story right before the climax was never good journalism, so why should we leave this one unfinished?