Do freshmen really gain 15 pounds by eating in the dining hall? PHOTO BY HALEY ABRAM/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Most of us have heard of the “freshman 15.” If you haven’t, it’s basically the myth that every freshman eats enough food in their first semester of college to gain 15 pounds. Whether that’s actually true or not, we’ll find out.

The reason why the freshman 15 might happen is because either A) the dining hall food is so good that you can’t stop going back for another round at the buffet, B) the dining hall food is so bad that you end up eating ramen, Easy Mac and microwavable popcorn on alternating nights or C) that there are too many cool food places to try out that you end up going to them all. In my first semester, all three of these things happened, but for me, none of them were too extreme. I think that the freshman 15 is really just a warning sign that food is one of the many things that freshmen will have to learn how to balance along with academics, social life and personal downtime.

It can definitely be a struggle to go for the healthy options when french fries, cereal, waffles and goldfish on tap are always available. (Sargent Choice™ whomst?) Even if there was a freshman 15, it wouldn’t happen while at school. It happens whenever we’re home for break because home means unlimited, free, high-quality food. Maybe we should just call it the “going home 15” instead.

In my first semester, I found a bunch of go-to places (even if they’re kind of basic to BU students). The first is Pavement. I think I went to Pavement more in the first month of school than I should have all year, but Terriers run on caffeine, so I guess that’s normal. Insomnia Cookies was also a big hit for me. Whether it has to do with the fact that I live one block over from it or that the cookies are truly delicious, I made plenty of visits there (none of which were in the daytime, though — I sometimes wonder if going to Insomnia outside the hours of 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. is even socially acceptable). My other two favorite places I hit up this semester were RiZe and Late Night Kitchen. Not only is the food amazing there, but it’s also a great way for students to spend an excessive amount of dining points. And, to end things off, just a quick shoutout to those students who still have over 1,000 dining points left on their account. What. Are. You. Doing???