Finstas are a great way to tell your true feelings on social media. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

I wouldn’t say I’m the most social media-savvy teen. I don’t have a Twitter, I don’t post on my Facebook, and I didn’t make an Instagram until the summer of 2015. I do use Snapchat, because I enjoy the casual vibe of the app. On Snapchat I can make dumb jokes and post silly videos without overthinking it, because they only last for 24 hours. I had Snapchat before Instagram, and decided to make an Instagram because I can show a more artistic side of myself. Snapchat fills the role of me needing a place to vent, and Instagram is where I can share my aesthetically pleasing photos.

For a while I just used just those two accounts as my primary social media. However, I felt that something was lacking; on Snapchat I was a clown and on Instagram I was an artsy photographer, but I didn’t have a place to put funny pictures that were pleasing to the eye. Also, Snapchat doesn’t let me write more than a couple sentences on a post and sometimes I have a lot to share.

Enter my solution: the finstagram, or finsta for short. The word is a combination of the words “fake” and “Instagram” because it’s not the account you’d show to the public. A lot of my friends have had finstas for a while and kept telling me to make one, but I kept rejecting the idea. In my eyes, one account on each application was enough for me. But then I decided to make one over Thanksgiving break, because why not? When I finally had one, I realized what I’d been missing out on.

I refer to my finsta as the trash folder of my rinsta (real Instagram). It’s the pictures that didn’t quite make it, but I still want someone to see them. It’s a middle ground between Snapchat and my more public Instagram. I honestly wish I had made it earlier — I didn’t know how much I needed another creative outlet. Finstas are a more private and they’re perfect for when I want to share something more personal, or just get my feelings out. Posting on my rinsta and Snapchat is nice when I want a lot of people to see what I’m up to. Finstas are nice because I can be myself, unapologetically.

  1. Your article is on Finsta yet you don’t mention it until paragraph 3, that is way to long to make the reader wait. It should be in your first paragraph right up front. This writing and the fact that you’re gloating about doing this is everything that is wrong with our youth. I feel sorry.

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