Winter chill means winter fashion, and is there anything better than a cute hat to keep you warm, happy and fashionable?


Pompom Hats:


My personal favorites are the ones with the fur pompoms on top. They’re super cute and versatile and the color range is phenomenal. Find cute options here, here or here.


Trapper Hat:

These are my go-to for outdoorsy occasions. They give you a kind of lumberjack feel and they keep you incredibly warm for the winter. Find a cozy hat to match your favorite flannel here.


Sports Gear:


‘Tis the season for hockey and other ice sports. The Bruins happen to be my favorite team, but pretty much any and every sport makes winter hats for the fans. You can rep your team and keep warm all season long. Get a Bruins one here.




Perfect for any season, but they’re cozy enough to keep your head warm. I like the Love Your Melon ones, because I can buy a hat and support a good cause at the same time.



Trying to achieve the cute, chic, French style? This is a fun hat to wear when you’re feeling quirky and elegant at the same time. Neiman Marcus sells a classy but warm beret here.


Ear muffs:

OK, not a hat. But they keep your ears warm and are extremely handy for people who don’t enjoy or look good in hats (me). If ear muffs are more your speed, find fun ones here and here.


Full snood:


Maybe winter isn’t your season and you’re always cold? The full snood is always a great option. I use them for running outdoors so my breathing doesn’t become a choice between freezing my lungs or getting oxygen. Buy a nice one here.