A sweeping call for female empowerment has overcome our current generation of young women. Two audacious women recognize the necessity for the unification and the mutual empowerment of females now more than ever. Just over a year ago, Nancy Ho and her partner Brenda Phan created a platform now known as Girl Magic Meets. Inspired by a series of Instagram meetups that they attended together as photographers, Girl Magic Meets was born out of the foreseen necessity of a platform for females to get together to celebrate and empower one another through collaborative photoshoots and meet ups. 



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Q: When was Girl Magic Meets born?

Nancy Ho: Our first meet was last year on Aug. 7, so GMM is now one year old.


Q: What inspired you and your partner to create this group?

NH: Funny thing is, when we originally started we didn’t have a name. Brenda Phan and I have attended other Instagram meetups before, which normally is a group of photographers that come together. We had a conversation one day about hosting our own meetup but have actual models attend — and to make things more fun, we should all dressed up to a theme where everyone can participate. We created a Facebook event and started inviting our own friends, where they can invite their friends. We met up at the JFK Library and had so much fun together just laughing and taking pictures. We actually called that specific meet “Damn Denim,” because the theme was denim, black and white. After that, we received such good feedback we knew we had to continue it.  


Q: What is Girl Magic Meets?

NH: It really is a space where we want women to come together to empower and embrace each other. It’s a place for those to be their true selves, to build their self esteem, meet new people and make connections. We really thrive to make it a supportive, loving and warm sisterhood.


Q: What were some of the difficulties in creating/maintaining GMM?

NH: After we had our first meet, we scheduled another one for the fall, but it ended up being canceled due to the weather. It took us quite some time to really reschedule (we didn’t have part two until April of this year) and get us all to meet up again. That’s actually when we created our Facebook group to push us to get the next event up. Other than that bump, locations are the only thing that we sometimes struggle with due to the fact that there are so many of us. So we work a little more to make sure the places we choose for the meets are accommodating.


Q: What kind of growth have you seen from this group since you first founded it?

NH: We’ve seen a lot of growth in the size of our group definitely. We started off with about 50 Facebook members and now we’re hitting a little over 300! Our following on Instagram continues to grow, and with that, more people are interested in joining us as well. Aside from that, the way that we all communicate together and really support each other is amazing to watch. As we continue to grow, we only hope for us to make sure our magical connection stays true.


Q: What is your vision for this group/platform? What do you wish to see/produce in the future?

NH: Our vision really is to help women feel comfortable, to help make them feel a part of something bigger, to support, inspire and be surrounded by souls who genuinely care. We really hope one day we could get a studio for GMM to be able to create more and provide more for the girls because they really deserve it. We also would like to travel and host meets up in other cities and really encourage others to host their own meetups.


Q: What do you hope the girls in GMM will get from this platform?

NH: Honestly, we hope for them to be themselves. We hope they find and connect with other individuals that are like minded, that they experience something magical from each meet and we really just want to be an open space with open arms for those who join our team.