“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is one of the most famous Christmas movies, but here are five films to watch if you need a break from the classics this season. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

As it gets colder and the stores and streets start decorating for the holidays, the urge to curl up with a blanket and watch Christmas movies grows stronger. Classics like “Home Alone” and “The Holiday” are always a good way to go, and we all have our favorite films that we use to escape whatever finals we should be studying for into a cozy, happily-ever-after world. However, as nice as it is to have a break from work, some of the plots of these holiday movies — namely, the ones from the Hallmark Channel — are a step too farfetched. Here are some of the Hallmark movies with plot lines most likely to make you laugh (or cringe):


1. “A Royal Christmas”

As you will begin to see, Hallmark enjoys plots that make us believe we can all become royalty someday. In this movie, Lacey Chabert (yes, Gretchen Wieners from “Mean Girls” is why you should watch this) is a simple girl who discovers her boyfriend is secretly a prince. She goes to his home country to try to win over his family over the holidays.


2. “A Heavenly Christmas”

Kristin Davis (Charlotte from “Sex and the City”) stars as a workaholic whose untimely death leads to her recruitment as a Christmas angel. I’m beginning to see that, if anything, Hallmark movies are worth the watch just to see our favorite actors again.


3. “Crown for Christmas”

Another royally-themed plot, this movie follows Allie, a former maid, on her journey from working in a fancy New York hotel to being employed as the governess for a young princess. To include the obligatory romantic subplot, the princess’s widowed father — the king — falls in love with Allie.


4. “The Christmas Ornament”

Another common theme in Hallmark movies, of course, is convincing people who aren’t in the holiday spirit to believe in Christmas again. In this movie, a widowed woman rejects the holiday season until a Christmas tree shop owner gifts her an ornament symbolic of hope. This ornament somehow also makes her fall in love with him.


5. “Northpole: Open for Christmas”

This movie is the double whammy of Hallmark movies, combining both famous actresses and someone finding their Christmas spirit. Lori Loughlin (yes, Becky from “Full House”) stars as a businesswoman who is home over the holidays and wants to sell her late aunt’s inn. A local handyman intervenes to help her find love and her holiday spirit. Santa Claus and an elf both make a cameo, so I think this one takes the cake — or should I say the candy cane?