When I started eating olive oil with my bread, my life changed. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

There are few things in this world more painful than when your food takes a long time to arrive. As a kid, it was such a struggle to be patient while waiting for my food. If the restaurant gave out coloring activities or word searches, I’d finish them. If there was a TV in the far corner of the room, I’d stare at it. I’d take every opportunity for distraction, but it’d still be a struggle to sit there and wait.


My favorite type of food is Italian, so normally there are baskets of bread on the table to snack on while the appetizers and entrees arrive. Eating bread kept me patient for a while, but eventually I got bored with just having bread. Again, the tension rose as I watched other people’s food go by my table. I kept thinking, “Finally, the food is here!” But I had to watch it pass by me time after time. It’s like thinking your Uber has arrived and then realizing it’s not yours.


Then, one day, a friend suggested that I should try some olive oil with my bread. I was reluctant to try olive oil because it just didn’t seem like something I would enjoy. I decided to just go for it and my life changed. Since then, I always eat olive oil whenever it’s offered at restaurants. And I’m definitely a lot more patient when it comes to waiting for my food, too. Olive oil makes eating bread much more exciting, since there are so many different types of olive oil out there. Trying different kinds of olive oil makes me feel somewhat more cultured, like Guy Fieri or someone.


There are times, though, when I need my bread and olive oil outside of Italian restaurants. For example, waiting at the doctor’s office, waiting for the next T to arrive, waiting for an elevator, waiting to order my drink in a sea of other impatient Starbucks customers, waiting for a really boring class to end, and, the one we can all relate to the most, waiting for your food at the Mongolian Grill in the Warren Towers dining hall. I guess waiting for the BU Shuttle to arrive counts, too, but I think that’d need a perpetual amount of bread and olive oil, because it will probably never show up.


There are tons of things that are painful for me to wait for, but at least one of them has been taken care of.