It was weird being able to drive instead of taking public transportation when I went home for Thanksgiving Break. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

For those of us who went home this Thanksgiving, we had a bit of readjusting to do. It was pretty weird being home after being in school for so long. It was like I forgot how to function outside of the BU bubble. No T to take in the middle of a giant street, no angry Boston drivers to dodge, no 8 a.m. classes to wake up for… it was great. Although, I did some pretty weird things as a result of being outside of my Terrier element.


Here are six things I accidentally did during my time off:


1. Walking into restaurants and immediately looking for a place to swipe my card. Maybe my friends didn’t realize it, but at every place we went to eat, my eyes scanned the place trying to figure out where I’m supposed to swipe my ID. Then it hit me that I wasn’t in a dining hall, and actually in a real establishment. The weirdest feeling was leaving and feeling guilty because it felt like I had stolen a meal swipe, even though I had already paid for my food.


2. Forgetting that the best method of transportation isn’t the T. Whenever I was going out to meet up with some friends, I kept forgetting that I could drive and that I didn’t need to take the T to get where I need to go — and I didn’t have to rely on the shady BUS either.


3. Craving Insomnia Cookies at 1 a.m. when it’s not a block away from me. A true tragedy. This is probably one of the only times you’ll catch me saying, “wow, I wish I was in Warren right now.”


4. Being able to walk down a street without being blown over by a violent gust of wind. Seriously, I kept preparing myself to be blown away by one of Boston’s infamous gusts of wind, but thankfully they never came.


5. Accidentally eating copious amounts of food because I knew I’d be back in the dining hall in just a few days. I know people are supposed to eat a lot on Thanksgiving, but I must’ve eaten enough food for a family of five over the course of a week. At least I didn’t use any dining or convenience points?


6. Thinking that I wouldn’t run into President Brown. While this might not be incredibly relatable, I saw President Brown on the big screen at the Cornell vs. BU hockey game at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. We were all enchanted by his presence.