The registration process really shouldn’t be as complicated as it is. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

As a high schooler, I was so excited to choose my own classes once I got into college. I was ready to take classes that I was actually interested in, and where I might actually enjoy challenging assignments (looking at you, AP Biology). I got my first taste of this phenomenon known as registration during freshman orientation in June. It was incredibly stressful, and it didn’t help that I was in one of the last orientation sessions. When I finally walked out of that computer lab in COM, I was exhausted. I remember posting on my Snapchat, “I never want to register for classes ever again. 10/10 awful experience.”

Yet for some reason, when I went back to the class planner this past October, I was excited again. I was convinced that my previous registration experience had been an anomaly, simply a bad side effect of choosing the last session. Of course, that wouldn’t happen now that I had time to prepare. I had the perfect schedule and was able to craft a well-balanced week. I closed my planner about a week and a half before registration feeling content. Little did I know it was the calm before the storm.

Fast forward five days, I went back to my planner and looked at the webpage with despair. One of my classes’ time slots had switched, and subsequently ruined the rest of my class times. Nonetheless, I took some deep breaths and I went back to the “add classes” page, ready to fix the problem. But when I went to find a WR 150 class, I was forced to accept a sad truth. I had to choose between classes I didn’t like with convenient times and interesting classes that I cared about but also happened to start at 6:30 p.m. I’d forgotten that the sophomores had just registered (and took all of the classes I wanted). I felt cheated — this was not I registration I had expected.

Eventually, I was able to restructure everything, but I was continously stressed in the days leading up to November. I also forgot to account for my 10:40 a.m. registration time, and I hoped everything would work out because I didn’t have a plan B. I went to bed the night before stressed, and woke up in a similar state the morning of. I stared at my computer screen from 10:00 a.m. to 10:39 a.m. and watched the seat count slowly drop in my courses with my fingers crossed. When I finally went to register, the page took about two minutes to load and I could barely check the boxes on account of my hands shaking.

I did end up with a pretty decent schedule, but by no means was the process easy-breezy. I went into spring registration as an optimist and emerged a realist. The perfect schedule is basically unattainable — except maybe if you’re a senior with a 9:00 a.m. registration time. Do I miss high school registration? Absolutely not, never again. But Boston University registration was my introduction to the real world, since I learned that just because you want something doesn’t mean you’re going to get it.