“Sharknado” is seen as one of the worst movies of all time. And there are five films in the franchise. PHOTO COURTESY FLICKR USER ZENNIE ABRAHAM

“The Disaster Artist,” starring the Franco brothers and set to premiere Dec. 8, documents the tempestuous relationship between filmmaker Tommy Wiseau and his on- and off-screen best friend, Greg Sestero, as they film what is widely considered the worst movie ever made, “The Room.” To both emotionally and mentally prepare for this celebration of wonderfully bad movies, here are six truly horrendous films on Netflix that nearly equal “The Room” in terrible dialogue, characterization and plot.


1. The “Sharknado” series

This sci-fi series is truly the end-all, be-all of horrible movies: crazy, inconceivable plots centered around impossible weather conditions, a plethora of celebrity cameos (Billy Ray Cyrus! David Hasselhoff! Al Roker! Frankie Muniz! Ne-Yo!), and the worst CGI I’ve ever seen. The five movies follow ex-surfer and sharknado expert Fin Shepard and his wife April (who eventually gets a chainsaw prosthetic arm and gives birth inside a great white shark… IN SPACE) as they continuously battle intense weather conditions by throwing bombs into tornadoes chock full of sharks. At the very least, “Sharknado” makes audiences aware of the dangers of climate change.


2. “Zombeavers”

This raunchy 2014 film depicts the harrowing tale of a group of college kids combatting a bunch of nuclear-power fueled zombie beavers at a lakeside cabin. It’s filled with all the elements necessary to build a cinematic masterpiece: grotesque special effects, misogynist sex jokes (zombified beavers really speaks for itself), irritating college stereotypes, and a homeorotic John Mayer dressed as a trucker. This movie is truly disgusting, but almost comically un-self-aware, which is part of what makes bad movies so deliciously fun to watch.


3. “Yoga Hosers”

This movie is actually part of a loosely-related Canadian horror-comedy trilogy directed by Kevin Smith: the protagonists, two best friends who have band practice in the back of the convenience store they work in after school. After learning about Canadian Nazis in school, the girls have to defeat the reincarnated spirit of an evil Nazi (played, of course, by Haley Joel Osment, famous for his role in “The Sixth Sense”) who can only manifest in the form of a sausage. The film also stars Tyler Posey (the titular character on “Teen Wolf”) as a surprise satanist and Johnny Depp as a mysterious French detective. All in all, quite the journey through modern-day Manitoba.


4. “KL Zombi”

The only Malaysian zombie film available on Netflix, “KL Zombi” tells the tale of a field hockey-playing pizza delivery guy named Skinny, who teams up with a pair of schoolchildren to fight off a sudden zombie outbreak in Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur. Spoiler warning: instead of ending with a bleak, dystopian future, all affected zombies are cured by the hair product of a man named Bro Khalid. The eclectic cast of characters makes it definitely worth the watch.


5. “The Babysitter”

A brand-new Netflix original, “The Babysitter” tells the tale of 12-year-old Cole, who has just found out that his babysitter is a satanist. Shockingly gory and filled with cringey jokes, the film stars Bella Thorne as a whiny cheerleader and Robbie Amell as a psychotic football player who offers Cole advice even as he tries to kill him. Accidental satanism seems to be a recurring theme in the “so-bad-it’s-good” genre.


6. “Christian Mingle”

Described on Netflix as a “faith-based romantic comedy,” it stars Lacey Chabert (and yes, her hair is STILL full of secrets) as a woman who finds a relationship on Christian Mingle with a deeply religious man, despite her own lack of faith. Plot lines include: cheesy jokes (literally about cheese), a moment of betrayal upon the discovery of Lacey Chabert’s ownership of a “Christianity for Dummies” and misquoted biblical verses. Generally, seeing Gretchen Weiners fake her way into a relationship through Christian Mingle is worth all the awkward dialogue and poor editing in the world.