Will “Stranger Things” season 3 live up to the quality of season 2? PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

The release of the second season of “Stranger Things” on Oct. 27 was a sweet escape for me after a particularly taxing week of three midterms. The perfectly-timed drop of the series on Netflix meant that I ended up binge-watching the entire season in a single sitting. Although nothing could have prevented my instant binge of the show, consuming an entire season of a TV show I have been eagerly waiting a year and half for has resulted in a void that can somewhat be filled by speculating what will happen in the series’ third season. I understand that not some people may lack my willpower to watch all the episodes right away, so avert your eyes if you haven’t already watched the latest episodes; this blog will be riddled with spoilers. Here are some of my expectations for season 3 of “Stranger Things”:


1. Spare Will Byers: It’s safe to say that the poor boy has been through enough. It’s not as if being thrusted into the Upside Down wasn’t traumatic enough, Will is faced with PTSD-like symptoms this season. Having to undergo what is basically an exorcism in order to cut off the Shadow Monster’s control over him, Will is finally free of the Upside Down and the creatures within. Hopefully, the status quo remains, and the show seeks a different “victim” for next season’s strange encounters.


2. Eleven and Max become good friends: While I completely understand Eleven’s feelings of resentment and distrust towards Max, I do hope that the two characters in the show share the same friendship that the actors do in real life. The concept of “there can only be one girl in the AV Club” is believable under the ‘80s setting of the show, but the trope will become obsolete, unfitting, and frankly kind of sexist very quickly if it continues into the next season. The two girls are both powerful characters with complicated pasts, and a budding friendship will benefit both of them, as well as the OG AV club.


3. Justice for Bob: When the season began, I couldn’t help but wonder if Bob’s intentions were malicious; he seemed too good to be true! Over the course of the season, however, Bob proves his loyalty and unconditional love for the Byers family by sacrificing his own life to the Demodogs. Given that such a minor character like Barb received a cult following and in turn procured her own conclusion in season 2, it’s only fair that such a beloved character like Bob gets his own justice in the following season.


4. More Steve and Dustin: This duo was honestly one of the best things about season 2. I was never one to hate Steve; I always believed there was some good hidden under his jock exterior in the first season. Even so, this story line completely redeems his character — he serves as a father/brother figure to Dustin throughout the show, and the duo’s quips help keep the atmosphere fun and light even when Hawkins is overcast with serious danger.