I don’t know about you, but I lie to myself all the time and a lot of it is in some way related to school. I like to believe that I set myself up for success and of course I want to be my best self. It’s just that sometimes I’m not able to fulfill the promises I make with myself. I discussed this issue with some friends and discovered that a lot of them have a same problem. So without further adieu, here are some lies BU students tell themselves:

1. “I’ll go to FitRec tomorrow.”

I’ve been wanting to work out since school started. Everyone tells me how nice the equipment is and how exercising can help relieve stress. I was really motivated to go, except for one little problem: I didn’t own any running shoes. For the entire month of September I put off buying shoes, and subsequently never made it to FitRec. In mid-October I finally made the trek down to DSW and I was excited. I even made plans with a friend so that I would have to show up. But then the plans fell through, and then I had to cancel, and then they fell through again… I’m hoping to go next weekend, but the future looks bleak.


2. “I’m definitely going to introduce myself to my professors.”

I underestimated how hard it was to come face-to-face with a professor during a lecture. As anyone who’s ever taken a lecture knows, it’s pretty impersonal. So once again I set out to do something that I had a very slim chance of going through with. Nonetheless, I’m an optimist and at the beginning of the semester I was ready to go to office hours and introduce myself. Long story short, I didn’t do that. But next semester I’m going to be on my A-game… probably… I hope so.


3. “I’ll remember to make an appointment at the Writing Center.”   

Whenever I get a new paper assignment, my professor reminds me to make an appointment in advance so that I’m not stuck two days before hoping that someone will cancel a session. Again, I do want to meet with a tutor and have my essay read over and increase my chances of doing well on the assignment, it’s just that I’m also very good at forgetting to do things. Things like making a reminder on Google Calendar a week before it’s due.