Sometimes a cheap gift is all you need to brighten someone’s day. PHOTO COURTESY PIXABAY

Sometimes someone in our lives just needs a little pick me up. It seems that recently, for whatever reason, a lot of people I know have been having bad days, even weeks. It can be hard to try and comfort your friends in college, with everyone having busy schedules and being tight on money. But, here is a list of little gifts you can get someone to brighten up their day.

1. Lush products
Lush is an awesome cosmetics brand that specializes in natural spa and beauty products like face masks and bath bombs. If you have a friend who is in need of a little pampering and self-love, something from them is a great option. Most of their bath bombs and fresh face masks are under 10 bucks, so if you browse a little you are sure to find something your friend will love that stays within budget.

2. Candy care package
This one is a great idea since you can never go wrong with food, and it’s probably the easiest on the list to obtain. You just need to run to the nearest store and pick out $10 worth of your friend’s favorite snacks. If you aren’t exactly sure what to get someone, this is a safe bet.

3. Popsocket or cardholder
For your more techy friends, either a Popsocket or cardholder for their phone is a great gift idea. Both of these can be found for super cheap on Amazon and are actually very practical. A cardholder is great for that friend who always loses their ID, and the Popsocket for the person who is constantly on their phone.

4. Fuzzy socks
Another pretty good universal gift is fuzzy socks, because who doesn’t love being all warm and cozy? Especially since it’s getting colder, any friend would be grateful to receive a pair of these. These bear ones from Forever 21 are especially adorable, but Amazon and Bath and Body Works also sell great options.

5. Laptop stickers
In my opinion, laptop stickers are a really underrated gift idea. They only cost a couple of bucks, so you can get a bunch for $10. Again, they can be tailored specifically to whoever you’re gifting them to; you can get some related to things they like such as a sports team, movie, or TV show.

6. Mug
In college, it seems everyone is constantly running on caffeine, so a mug is a must-have. It also doubles as a decor piece, so technically it’s a two-in-one present. Like most of these gifts, it can be personalized, like this monogram one from Anthropologie.

7. Earphone splitter
I don’t know if this is just me, but I have never seen so many people with headphones in as I have in college. Everyone always seems to have them in, at all times. An earphone splitter is a useful and fun gift that will allow someone to tune out the world with a friend.

8. Pins
Pins are another underrated gift. They can add just a little touch of personality and pizazz to any jacket or backpack. It’s a small gift, but one that is still thoughtful and sweet. Etsy sells tons of unique designs for under $10.

9. Coloring book
A coloring book may seem like a childish present, but they have made a comeback in recent years with some now tailored to an older crowd. This gift is perfect for your artsy friend or someone who just needs to relax, since coloring is a super relaxing activity.

10. Notebook
And finally, on the topic of books, a good notebook is always a good gift idea. You can go with a plain and simple one, or one with a funky pattern or saying that you can tailor to whoever you’re giving it to. A notebook is especially perfect for when the semester begins, so they can use it for one of their upcoming classes.