Just about everyone I know dreads lugging their laundry down to the basement of whatever building they live in to pay for something they don’t want to do anyway. I even know some people who live in Massachusetts that just drive home instead and have their parents do it for them, which seems pretty nice. However, laundry doesn’t have to be completely awful, and it won’t be if you take these tips to heart.


  • Do laundry with a friend: It’s shocking how much better chores are when you do them with another person. Sharing your pain together, laughing about how lazy you are, and bonding over how laundry is overpriced makes the time go way faster.


  • See what you can get done in the time it takes for a cycle: Laundry can be a great way to productively procrastinate. What I mean by that is when you have a lot of work you don’t want to do, you can do your laundry instead as a break. Or better yet, you can do your laundry and in the time it takes to wash your clothes try to do your homework as quickly as possible. Race the clock in this new exciting game.


  • Try to get the machines to finish at the same time: Can you think of anything better? BU’s machines only hold about three shirts and one pair of pants at most, so you’re going to have to use two machines regardless. Might as well try to make them finish at the exact same second! The suspense just might make you faint.


  • See how many washer loads you can fit in one dryer: I’ve already mentioned the size of the machines, but the size becomes obvious when you try to dry your clothes. The three washing machines you just paid for turns into one dryer. See how many machines you can use and see how many dryers you use. It’s kind of amazing.


  • Search for change: Laundry is expensive, but if you check the laundry room a few times you might just find half a washing cycle. Save yourself money where you can. Besides, who ever turned down a scavenger hunt?


  • Watch your convenience points balance fall steadily: If you go the convenience points route, then you can log into your student link and watch the balance fall slowly. Now you have a reason to call home and tell your parents you miss them, and maybe ask for some more laundry money.