Granby Commons is the most slept-on dining hall at BU. PHOTO BY CAROLYN KOMATSOULIS/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Fresh Fuel at Granby Commons could not be more appropriately named. Otherwise known as the Hillel dining hall, this cafeteria is tragically underrated. Located at BU’s Hillel House (a communal space for the Jewish community), the dining hall is the ideal place to eat, talk or study. And yes, you can go there even if you’re not Jewish. Here are just four important reasons why everyone should make Hillel their go-to on-campus eatery.


1. Convenient location

Fresh Fuel at Granby Commons is located on the third floor of the Hillel House (located on the corner of Granby Street and Bay State Road). The building is right down the street from Warren Towers, and while it’s a bit closer for those who live in East or Central campus, it’s still in a rather central location. For anyone living on Bay State or in Warren, it’s worth the 2-10 minute walk.


2. Delicious food

Fresh Fuel is both alliterative and appropriate (see what I did there?). Their menu is varied, flavorful and accommodating to dietary needs. They have a section for meat meals which always features a form of poultry, fish or beef, as well as a burger station. Additionally, their vegetarian and vegan station is one and the same. They have a delicious vegan soup everyday, as well as multiple starch and vegetable sides. Their vegetarian/vegan options are unique to Hillel, and no other dining hall offers them. They have all the amenities of other dining halls, too, including a drink station, coffee/a station, assorted fruit station and a daily dessert that is guaranteed vegan.


3. Great study space

Not only does Hillel provide a delicious meal, but it’s also a great place to study or relax. One of the greatest perks is the view. I highly recommend snagging a seat close to a window so you can enjoy the natural light and the view looking over BU Beach. The back corner of the dining hall is personally my favorite place to sit because I can see both the view and the beautiful stained glass that lines the Hillel walls. The overall aesthetic of the dining hall is picturesque, relaxing and clean, an ideal place for a nice lunch or dinner.


4. Size

Compared to other dining halls, Hillel is rather small, but that makes dining a stress-free experience. The food isn’t spread out, but rather consolidated and only a few steps away from any table, making refills very accessible. The tables are also large so you have enough room to sit alone, but you also have the opportunity to meet someone a couple seats away from you at the same table and potentially befriend them. But for such a small dining hall, Hillel has the biggest mugs. For anyone who likes their afternoon tea as much as I do, this is the biggest perk of all.


Now that you know, hopefully we can give Fresh Fuel at Granby Commons the credit it deserves. Stop by for a meal this week and see for yourself.