Which are better: e-books or physical books? PHOTO COURTESY OF PIXABAY USER FREE PHOTS

In this globalized and technological world, where smartphones do all the hard research and work if you ask nicely, we cannot deny how easy and useful is to make every aspect of our lives digitized. Google and other websites become lifelines when writing a paper, studying and reading the news. But can we feel the same amount of emotion when reading a digital book compared to a real hardcover book?

Our technology can bring lots of benefits, but is it healthy to have so much technology around us? Scientific research has proven that technology is slowly transforming us into robots, in a sense that we cannot identify emotions as we would in a world without internet. Also, it is proven that it’s harder to fall asleep when we’re glued to screens before going to bed.

Everything we do in front of a screen affects the way we process information and leads to a path in which we don’t have our own opinions or control of our emotions, since those would be pre-determined by whatever we read online.

The experience of reading a book is jeopardized when we read with e-books instead of hardcover ones. I personally like hardcover books because I’m a huge fan of old book markets. But my shelf is already full and I’m struggling to find space for all my books. Should this be enough reason to have a digitalized library inside a Kindle?

The sounds of turning pages; the suspense of waiting until the next day to rush into a bookstore to buy the next book of your series; the fear of your mom finding out you were reading under your blanket with a flashlight instead of sleeping; and the capability to lend your favorite book to your best friend. Those are parts of our reading experience that are as important as the plot, and it all gets lost as e-books become the norm. By all means, the experience of reading a book is different for everyone, but the essence of it for every avid reader, like me, gets lost with this new trend.

We should not bend to technology in something as personal and unique as reading a book, we should be able to feel every plot twist and every emotion derived from the book in its most higher form, and we can only do that by keeping it classic hardcover book style. Keep feeling, readers. It’s worth it.