Podcasts are the perfect thing to listen to on your morning commute. PHOTO COURTESY OF PEXELS VIA MATTHEW HENRY

It seems like, as college students, we are always busy, always on the move and always doing something (or avoiding doing something). Fortunately for us, the podcast medium has been expanding exponentially in relevant, diverse content that can keep you entertained on the go. Tune in on your way to class, as you eat in the dining hall, while you clean your dorm, or instead of writing your paper. Podcasts are the perfect medium to either pass the time or turn wasted time into an opportunity to learn something new. So, to get you started, here are five podcasts to listen to right now.


1. “How I Built This”

This podcast, hosted by Guy Raz, delves into the stories of different entrepreneurs and their journey building their ideas in each episode. From Airbnb to VICE to Five Guys, get a dose of inspiration by hearing successful people talk about the struggles and pitfalls they faced to make their ideas into reality. Raz’s friendly and interested tone is engaging and allows listeners to feel like they’re the ones conversing with these amazing entrepreneurs. At the end of each episode, Raz highlights stories of ideas that are being built by listeners. If you need some inspiration to work harder when things seem to be working against you, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.


2. “Filmspotting”

This weekly podcast features in-depth reviews of movies, “Top Five” lists and interviews all surrounding either current movie releases, such as “Blade Runner 2049,” or more alternative and broad topics, such as New Argentine Cinema. The hosts’ conversational tone is extremely entertaining and definitely a success, since there are over 600 episodes for your perusal.


3. “TED Radio Hour”

If you love TED Talks, here’s your chance to take them on the go. “TED Radio Hour” puts ideas worth sharing onto podcast format, grouping together snippets of talks that relate to a common theme. Without a doubt, the episodes will make you reconsider the way you looked at something or make you want to explore a topic further. It is a great way to start off your day and pique your curiosity.


4. “Revisionist History”

Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell hosts this podcast that aims to take some element of history in each episode — a person, event, idea or even a song — and evaluate whether it has been misunderstood by our history keepers. Gladwell is one of my favorite authors and he is equally engaging as a host. Each episode brings in a new perspective that may make you question how we view history.


5. “East to West”

Finally, to stay up to date on everything going on at BU, tune in to the FreeP’s newest endeavor  — our weekly podcast! “East to West” will walk you through a few of the most important stories of the week and bring you up to date with BU news in the time it takes to walk down Commonwealth Avenue.