Being a lefty is harder than it seems. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

No lefty left behind, right? Well, maybe not. Lefties are like the underdogs of everything. I can never find lefty desks, lefty scissors or lefty gloves. It really is like finding the fountain of youth if you can manage to come across a lefty desk in a classroom. And righties, no, we cannot use a righty desk and call it a day. Try writing on those lecture hall “desks” (AKA airplane trays) except even more hunched over and twisted around as you attempt to write on the opposite side.

There are so many lefty struggles unknown to most people, so we’ll begin with the basics. First off, we have what I like to call the you-just-saw-me-doing-something-lefty-style-so-you’re-going-to-ask-me-if-I’m-a-lefty-anyway phenomenon. I always respond with, “Well, what makes you think that?” I mean, really, what could have possibly given it away? There’s also the fact that whenever someone sees a lefty, they feel the urgent need to tell them they know someone else who is also left-handed.

Next up is the paralyzing fear of getting asked to write on the whiteboard for a group activity. It usually starts off with one student saying, “so, who wants to write down our responses?” followed by me backing away slowly behind the rest of the group, pretending I simply don’t know how to write. Last time I checked, smudging everything written on a white board doesn’t help.

Speaking of smudging, neat notes? A legendary accomplishment. A hand that’s not totally silver after using a pencil to write an essay? Unheard of. After every in-class essay, the side of my hand looks like the Tin Man’s from “The Wizard of Oz.”

To this day, binders and three-ring notebooks are still some of my worst middle school enemies. I genuinely want to know how the creator of these things thought lefties would be able to write with these. Are we supposed to stick our arms through the rings to get a fair angle, or…? Who knows. And who knows why almost all mugs with such cute designs on them only show when a righty uses them?

Despite all the struggles of being left-handed, it’s like us lefties are a little family who can provide emotional support for our struggles. I know one day we’ll find a lecture hall with two lefty desks instead of just one. One day.