Whether you want to admit it or not, elevators are a part of your life. They help you in your everyday conquests to avoid climbing hundreds of flights of stairs and they ease the pain of travel. Elevators are a blessing and we should treat them as such. However, some people dare to disrespect the sanctity of elevators. Take advantage of the elevators, but don’t make the ride miserable for all those around you. Here are some tips to improve your elevator etiquette:


1. Avoid loud conversations: Conversation is key, but this is not the case in an elevator. If you need to speak to someone either on the phone or in person, keep it at a normal volume. There is no need to broadcast your weekend plans or spill all the latest gossip to an elevator full of strangers.


2. Don’t overload: If you have to squeeze your way onto the elevator, there is obviously no room for you. At no point should the elevator turn into a game of Human Tetris so that everyone can fit. No one wants to be stuck in an elevator because you decided to try to make room.


3. Be aware: Don’t forget to press the button for your floor. Keep up with what floor you just stopped at, and when your stop is approaching, get ready to get off. It’s easy to get distracted on an elevator, but you don’t want miss your floor because you weren’t paying attention.


4. Avoid nasty conversations: We don’t want to hear about your unfortunate weekend activities. We don’t need to know about your rash that won’t go away. We do not need to know that you haven’t washed your hair in six days. Keep the elevator space clear of gross conversation on behalf of all those who may accidentally hear some nasty bits.


5. Be patient: Pressing the door close button all the way down your ride is a crime worthy of punishment. So is yelling “Oh, c’mon!” when the elevator stops at yet another floor. We get it; you’re in a rush, but so is everyone else.


6. Take the stairs (sometimes): Unless you physically cannot, there is no reason why you should take the elevator just to go up one floor from ground level. It’s almost guaranteed that once you leave you will be talked about by those going higher up than you. One flight of stairs will not be the end of you, but angry people may be.


7. Be mindful of your surroundings: Watch where you’re putting your shopping bags. Don’t shove someone into a corner because you’re not paying attention. And please, when someone is getting on the elevator, move over. Again, human Tetris is not meant for the confined walls of an elevator.


Elevators are here for us to use, so don’t abuse these wonderful technological advancements. Every time you’re in an elevator, think about all the stairs you could be climbing. We don’t deserve elevators, and we should be forever grateful they exist.