We all miss our dogs sometimes. Even people who don’t own dogs jump at the chance to hang out with some. When I first got to Boston, I realized there are a few spots with particularly high dog populations where you can hang out with them after class. Here are the top spots around Boston to hang out with dogs and not get strange looks from their owners.

You might meet cute dogs like these if you go to any of these spots in Boston. PHOTO COURTESY PIXABAY


1. The park on Commonwealth Avenue: Go a little east down Comm. Ave. past Boston University and discover the most dog-populated park in Boston (year-round). Last year I went outside in a blizzard to go and hang out with some golden retrievers that loved to roll around in the snow, and their owners are pretty cool too.


2. Boston Common: I might seem like the most obvious place, but here you will find many dogs playing fetch off-leash and having a great time in the sun. Head down here for a fun day downtown, and get your dog fix, too.


3. Newbury Street on a nice day: Last week, I spotted a committee of white fluffy puppies hanging out ready to have someone stop and pet them while their owners stood outside lululemon. It was a really nice and unexpected treat.


4. Facebook-organized meet-ups for dog owners: There was a dog Halloween costume party last weekend, so keep your eye out on Facebook events to find the hottest dog around. It could be the greatest thing ever.  


5. Friends who live in the area with dogs: While this seems like a cop out to add to this list, you’d be surprised how many dogs live nearby. Ask around, because you might not only make dog friends, but people friends too, and I guess those are pretty cool.


6. Amory Park: This spot is right near West Campus in Brookline. Since this park is in a residential neighborhood, it’s great place to get some peace and quiet, have a picnic and pet a few of the dozens of dogs that walk by. It’s truly a not-so-hidden gem.


If you’re in need of a dog fix or just want some joy in your day, these places are great spots to check out. Get ready to feel a little less homesick with minimal effort.