Girls of punk rock are seeping through the indie music scene, attacking with a fervor that has culminated over generations of gender inequality and oppression. Working double time to achieve the same status as their male counterparts, girl bands are rising like a phoenix from the ashes of a grim and patronizing past. Screaming into their mics and scratching at their instruments, these girls bare their damaged and recovering souls to the world. The world isn’t ready for what they’re about to hear.



A group of girls singing for girls, about issues that almost exclusively apply to girls, Childbirth takes honesty to a whole new level. Calling attention to issues like menopause, sex, women’s rights, and the exploration of sexuality, Childbirth knocks out all millennial matters in one swift blow. Suddenly, you’re unconcerned with the guy who didn’t text you back. He pales in comparison to the real-world issues that plague our society.

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Two angry girls chant with an almost robotic synchronization in the power duo Girlpool. The inflammatory pair fans preexisting flames of gender issues to create a fire that no one can ignore. Empowering girls who speak out honestly on matters of sex with their humorous, clever lyrics, Girlpool is an inextinguishable presence in the world of contemporary indie rock.

New song "powerplant" + video out now ?link in bio POWERPLANT OUT FRIDAY photo by @kacie__tomita

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Chastity Belt

Listening to Chastity Belt is like having a very personal conversation with your best friend. Everything is brutally honest, and totally unafraid to be. With casual, conversational vocals that don’t sound like they’re trying too hard to “sound female,” the band embodies girls are they really are. Just a couple of girls being authentically female in every sense of the word, this all-girl band defies societal principles of femininity in the most refreshing way.


The Aquadolls

Definitely the feel-good, perky group out of the bunch, The Aquadolls are all sunshine and rainbows… or are they? Melissa Brooks, lead singer/songwriter/guitarist, founded the group back in 2012 and she sings with an innocent jubilance that’s distracting.  You do a double take. Yes, she just said that. And yes, she can get away with it. Everything sounds like angel talk until you listen closely. Cute girls can be fierce, too.

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Cherry Glazerr

Born in the bedroom of lead singer/songwriter Clementine Creevy under the pseudonym Clembutt, Cherry Glazerr went through a period of revamping before the band settled with Sasami Ashworth on synth and Tabor Allen on drums. Creevy tackles real issues with unwavering, matter-of-fact reign. Completely uncensored, her lyrics assure listeners that she has nothing to hide, and they shouldn’t either.

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Lethargic vocals of lead singer Leah Wellbaum cradled by a zesty bass and heavy drums shine in their cover of Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time.” Like Britney on heavy narcotics, their rendition carries a weight foreign to the original. They own the pop hit with a flavor all their own.