Will an asteroid from Planet X actually collide with Earth and kill us all? PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Nowadays, it feels like every time we log on to Twitter there’s a new terrible event in the news. Here are five weird and funny things that have happened in the last few years to take your mind off the sadness of the real world for a little bit.


140 people in Malawi were arrested for attacking vampires

In Malawi, 140 people were arrested last week in connection with angry mobs going around and attacking people suspected of vampirism. The mobs lynched at least 9 people before the police cracked down on the insanity. The mobs began attacking people in a region of Malawi known for a widespread belief in witchcraft. It’s interesting to think of this as being a problem when in our society, witchcraft and vampires are accepted as myths or stories for people to tell on Halloween.


Nibiru will kill us all

The planet Nibiru (more commonly referred to Planet X), whose existence has been posited by scientists, supposedly had a comet in its orbit. The comet is said to have broken out of orbit and is on a collision course with Earth. The validity of this story is disputed for numerous reasons, including the fact that Nibiru probably doesn’t even exist. If it is true, brace yourselves, the end is nigh.


Sheffield man cuts off toe with bolt cutters and eats it

Picture this: you are living in Sheffield in the UK and decide to go to the store one day. You walk inside the store and realize you need lightbulbs, so you go to the electrical aisle. You see a man standing in the aisle and holding bolt cutters and think nothing of it… until he uses them to cut off his big toe. The man then stands there and calmly eats it. You may think I kid, but according to the eyewitness in this story, that’s exactly what the man did. These are crazy times we live in.


Cancer survivor takes her amputated foot on many adventures with hilarious Instagram account

A woman who had her foot amputated because of cancer created an Instagram account for the foot and its adventures. The woman the foot belongs to asked doctors if she could keep it after her surgery, and turns out that she was able to keep the skeleton. The Instagram account for the amputated foot has more than 18,000 followers and counting. It is heartwarming to see that setbacks in life and tragedies can’t keep her down.


Oyster vending machines installed at French seaside resort

A French resort recently installed a vending machine that puts out oysters for 24/7 feasting for its customers. The idea was to promote the sale of seafood for the farmers in Île de Ré through easy access and refrigerated vending machines. While it doesn’t exactly scream world-changing (or sanitary), it definitely is an idea that will make you scratch your head.