Forgetting your glasses is a real struggle, especially if you’re nearsighted. PHOTO COURTESY PIXNIO

Forgetting your phone is one thing, but forgetting your glasses is far worse. Seriously though, what feeling is worse than when you’re all cozy in a blanket burrito, hot chocolate in one hand, remote in the other, ready to watch “Friends,” and then you realize that you can’t see the TV screen because your glasses aren’t on your face? It’s just not the same when you can’t see Ross screaming “PIVOT!!” to Rachel and Chandler as they schlep that couch up those stairs.

Or how about leaving your dorm room, locking your door, looking ahead, wondering why the hallway is so blurry, realizing you forgot your glasses, having to go back into your room to get them all in the midst of rushing to get to your 8 a.m. lecture? Oh, that’s right, good luck trying to read that board if you forget your glasses for class. You might as well be better off sleeping in class.

There are also those days where your friend is texts you to let you know where they’re sitting in the dining hall, but of course you can’t see them. It’s like a modern day real-life game of Marco Polo except it’s just embarrassing.

Speaking of not being able to see friends, don’t you just love it when someone is waving to you on Comm. Ave. and you have no clue who it is but you still go for it and wave back anyway? We’ve all been there.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. If you’re like me, I don’t use contacts, mostly because of all the complaints I hear from my friends on a daily basis. So, whenever I’m going out and there’s rain in the forecast, is it even worth it to wear them when the raindrops will completely invade your lenses, or if the humidity will fog them up? Fast-forward three hours later to when you go out and your friends randomly decide to see a movie — this is also known as you having to sit in one of the front rows and crane your neck up some 90 degrees to watch it. (#EternalNeckPain).

Of all the struggles of being nearsighted, another one that’s pretty up there is when you see people wearing fake glasses just because they think it’s “cool.” Please stop. If we could live a life with perfect vision, we would. Trust us.

At least nearsighted people were able to read this article without glasses, right?