Boston University is full of surprises. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIPEDIA

In the words of Alex Russo, “everything is not what it seems.” As we’re officially halfway through October, it’s time for BU’s newest class to reflect on their time here so far. Every freshman held a certain expectation as to what college would be like, only to be crushed by the reality of things.

Here are 10 examples from actual freshmen:


  1. Emily Wexler, College of Arts and Sciences

Expectation: I’ll eat healthy and work out.

Reality: I use the dining hall ice cream machine regularly, and the only workout I get is running to catch the T.


  1. Selma Jay, Questrom School of Business

Expectation: I’ll run on the Esplanade every morning; it’ll be great.

Reality: Running who? *Snooze*


  1. Sarika Nadar, CAS

Expectation: I’ll look nice every day for class.

Reality: If I put my contacts in for my 8 a.m., it’s a good day.


  1. Gabrielle Cockerham, Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Expectation: I’ll be able to challenge myself and take rigorous classes here.

Reality: Taking those classes, crying and then switching down to a lower level.


  1. Hannah Barenboim, CAS

Expectation: Boston University Chemistry Class of 2021

Reality: Boston University AnythingButChem Class of 2021


  1. Natalia Maliborski, CAS

Expectation: I’ll retire from my high school volleyball career.

Reality: *Ends up playing for the BU volleyball team*


  1. Marina Rodríguez, CAS

Expectation: Classes won’t be personal because of how big they are.

Reality: Discussion groups actually make it personal because the sections are small, so I can directly ask questions and get answers.


  1. Marguerite Kay, CAS

Expectation: I’m going to finally stop my procrastination habits.

Reality: Last night I watched “Grey’s Anatomy” until 11 p.m. and then went to Late Nite.


  1. Vyshnavi Kosuri, CAS

Expectation: I’ll have a hard time making friends and finding people I connect with in such a large school.

Reality: Finding tons of people I instantly connected well with.


  1. Madeline Schmidt, College of Communication

Expectation: BU

Reality: Wheelock